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Oral Hygienist in London

Practising and maintaining good oral hygiene is absolutely essential in the preservation of healthy teeth and gums. Our biannual hygiene programme at iDental ensures that patients have the build up of deposits and plaque frequently removed from their teeth. It also permits the assessment and instruction on the progress of the patient in the relevant field. Practical dietary advice will also be imparted, in order to minimise the development of dental decay, and will be customised to be appropriate for the individual.

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How to clean between your teeth?

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Dental health and beauty treatments can be incorporated in the midst of a busy and productive day.

Why not have your teeth whitened before watching Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal grace the pitch at Loftus Road? Why not have a cosmetic hygiene treatment before setting off to enjoy a shopping trip to Tiffany and Co, the house of Fraser, and the Apple store at Westfield, as well as enjoy a meal at one of their fantastically varied restaurants? Or have a facial rujuvenation treatment before completing a total pampering experience at Virgin Active Health Club and spa? The options and choices are endless.

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