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Teeth Whitening in West London, Shepherds Bush

Wherever you look, teeth are white, white, white! Now you can whiten your smile with our custom fitted whitening trays in the comfort of your own home. These treatments can lighten discoloured teeth caused by tea coffee smoking, medication or smoking. You’ll notice your dazzling new smile... and so will everyone else! Tooth whitening works best on yellowing teeth, but has also produced extravagant results on mottled teeth, and those with a grey/brown appearance caused by antibiotics. Dental whitening is a non invasive technique that does not in any way weaken or damage the tooth. It is one of the most simple but effective treatments available in cosmetic dentistry today.

7 things you want to know about tooth whitening:

  • Teeth naturally darken with age. This can be made worse by lifestyle habits such as smoking, and drinking coffee, tea and red wine.
  • Whiter teeth make you look on average 13 years younger.
  • Whitening does not damage the teeth.
  • Tooth whitening can cause some teeth to become sensitive. This is generally mild in most people and disappears after the treatment is stopped.
  • The best results are elicited from a recommended course of home whitening.
  • Whitening gels only lighten the colour of the tooth, and will not affect fillings, crowns and veneers, which may need to be replaced after the teeth have been whitened.
  • Whitening products available over the counter, such a whitening strips, and toothpaste, are just a gimmick – they do not whiten the teeth on a permanent basis.

Here at iDental, we will choose from the several cosmetic bonding and veneering technologies best suited to your needs, to produce an aesthetic zenith.

Dental health and beauty treatments can be incorporated in the midst of a busy and productive day.

Why not have your teeth whitened before watching Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal grace the pitch at Loftus Road? Why not have a cosmetic hygiene treatment before setting off to enjoy a shopping trip to Tiffany and Co, the house of Fraser, and the Apple store at Westfield, as well as enjoy a meal at one of their fantastically varied restaurants? Or have a facial rujuvenation treatment before completing a total pampering experience at Virgin Active Health Club and spa? The options and choices are endless.

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